Illuminations Solos and Speak Up Contest - Deadline June 12

Illuminations Solos Contest

Illuminations Solos & Speak Up -  Deadline June 12 (Spring 2020)

Speak Up Contest:

The UCI community, like our nation, has been saddened by the recent tragedies of anti-black racism. To acknowledge this historic moment, Illuminations is adding a special category to the final week’s Illuminations Solos Challenge.

“Speak Up” is dedicated to those who have endured and been victimized by racial discrimination and to those who continue to fight for justice. We encourage undergraduate students to use art to “speak up” against systemic racism, discrimination, and injustice, to express solidarity and compassion, and to show determination for taking action. “Speak Up” is intended to amplify the voices of those who are routinely undermined and even silenced. “Speak Up” aims to inspire the UCI community and beyond to recognize art as a powerful tool to fight for justice.

The rules, submission procedure, and awards are similar to those for Illuminations Solos: submit an original and creative one-minute video with artistic expression on the theme “Speak Up” and winners will receive an Amazon $50 dollar gift card; different from the Solos contest, you can have more than one person in the creative process. Please add “(Speak Up)” to the title of your work.

Solos Contest:

“Illuminations Solos” continues to as we believe that arts and culture can inspire and connect us during this challenging time. 

For Solos and Speak Up Contests:

Please record a one-minute video of any art you have created during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be reading a poem, singing a song or playing a piece of music you’ve written, displaying and explaining an art piece you’ve created (the artwork can be of any medium—be imaginative), demonstrating a new recipe you’ve invented, performing a monologue or movement piece you’ve created.  “Art” is broadly defined and we encourage you to invent new artistic genres. The work must be original, solo, and creative. It must reflect your current state of being during this difficult time.

The video must be in either Instagram or YouTube format. It does not need to be professionally shot; however, please ensure the clarity of the image and sound.

1) Students posting to Instagram:

a. Step 1: Create one-minute video of any art you have created during the COVID-19 pandemic

b. Step 2: Follow uciilluminations on Instagram:

  • post your video and tag @uciilluminations with #illuminationschallenge 
  • make sure your account is public so we can judge your video

c. Step 3: Like the illumination page and keep your account public so we can see your submission

2) Students using YouTube:

a. Create a YouTube account and upload your 1-minute video as “public”

b. Add #illuminationchallenge in the “tag” field and “title” field.

c. Share the YouTube link to our FB @UCIrvineIlluminations, IG @uciilluminations, or Twitter @uciillumination


All UCI undergraduate students. All submissions will be judged by the Illuminations Solos and Speak Up Committee. 

Submission Guidelines: 

1. Please fill out the form and upload your video:

2. We will choose 3-5 winners per week. Each winner will receive an Amazon $50 gift card.  

3. Each Friday is the submission deadline. The winners’ videos will be available in the following week.  The next deadline is June 12.

4. Each person can only receive award once, but you are allowed to submit videos twice this quarter.

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