Step inside a sound installation of the Diamond World Tantric Buddhist Mandala

How can sound transform our perception of the visual and the spatial?

This event will explore this question, and a multitude of both modern and traditional ways in which sound can be a powerful vehicle for experiencing and understanding Buddhist teachings.

Opening performance by Ta2mi

Presentation by Neil Cantwell

Sound Installation

Presentation by Ta2mi
Roundtable /q&a.

Come anytime! Free and open to all!

FEATURING: Akinobu Tatsumi/TA2MI and Neil Cantwell

TA2MI is a remarkable musician who also happens to be a Jōdo Shinshū Buddhist temple priest. He is as comfortable switching between ritual chanting and beatboxing as he is traversing electronic musical genres in his prodigious creations as a producer. TA2MI will explore the importance of sound and music for him in his role as a priest, both in a traditional ritual context, as well as in using different forms of music to bring different generations to his temple.

Neil Cantwell is Co-Director of the film KanZeOn on Buddhism and Sound and co-creator of the project Japan Sound Portrait, which explores the representation of a place that can emerge through a focus on sound.

Elizabeth Noelle Tinsley is Assistant Professor of East Asian Buddhist Studies at UC Irvine

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