TZAQIK | a tale, of many

TZAQIK | a tale, of many

Inspired by the Mayan myth of Xb’alanque, the moon twin-god from the “Popol Vuh”, we are presented with the story of a gentle deity doomed to watch the miseries, tragedies & laments of human kind, in an effort to find a cure for sadness. Tzaqik is a contemporary mystical performance dedicated to the many that seek a better tomorrow. 

Inspired by various cultures from around the world and their many myths & stories, Tzaqik aims to thrill & captivate our audiences by integrating multilingual verse, original music & stylized movement, along with experimental visual designs in order to compose an unforgettable experience. Choreographed by Piper Bockstahler, directed by Shelby Caughron & Jesús López Vargas & fully composed by Dimitri Soto & Ezra Anisman, Tzaqik hopes to tell and represent the tragedies, but most importantly the triumphs, of many different groups of marginalized peoples around the world. 

20-min talk backs with the design team & performers will take place after each evening performance. 

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SPONSORS: Brown Bag Theater Company, UCI Illuminations, Moon Collective & K.B. Theatre Company.

Event Details

  • When: Thursday thru Sunday, March 27, 28 and 29 - 8 p.m., March 28 and 29 - 4 p.m.
  • Where: xMPL (Experimental Media Performance Lab), Contemporary Arts Center.
  • Organizer: Jesús E. López Vargas (email)