JamXchange: Rocking Righteous Rhythm

JamXchange : Rocking Righteous Rhythm

Across the United States of America, the month of April is Jazz Appreciation Month or “JAM”. To JAM is to perform with an indefatigable improvisational spirit. So JazzXchange returns with JamXchange: Rocking Righteous Rhythm, an intergenerational family day that resurrects the rightful relationship between jazz music and dance, bringing the righteous place of rhythm to the fore. 

The JamXchange Day is set upon being life-affirming and joyous, promoting the dimensions of social, physical and psychological well-being. Additionally, our program is bolstered by our new community partners at the Orange Children’s Therapeutic ARTS Center supporting children in the City of Santa Ana.

Classes will he held for children ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9-13. There are also adult beginner dance classes in jazz and hip hop. The day culminates in a jam session with dancers and musicians from all genres that respect and honor rhythm, listening and exchange.

Instructors include:  Jannet Galdamez (latin jazz) , Carl Cubero (Shining Stars), Tarra Laperdon (Shining Stars) , Moncell Durden (African American vernacular dance), Darlisa Wajid-Ali (theatre jazz), Erin Landry (Praise dance)  and Dr. Sheron Wray (Embodiology).

Saturday, April 1


Hip Hop LA Style - some dance experience is preferred.  Observers are very welcome.

11-11.30 A short discussion about  LA’s professional dance scene


Introduction to Shining Stars 1 taster class for 6-13 year olds and parents

Jazz for toddlers and parents – a music and dance session for children under 3 with their caregivers.

Introduction to Latin Jazz Dance Class for Young people

1.15 -2.15pm

Shining Stars 2 – hip hop

Shining Stars 3 -Jazz

Introduction to theatre Jazz adult beginners.

2.30 – 3.30

Shining Stars 4 Tap taster for 6-9 Year olds

Praise Dance with Erin Landry – All ages welcome

Beginners Hip Hop for Teens and ‘Twenteens’

From The Ring Shout to the Harlem Shuffle – A visual and kinetic presentation.

3.30pm-4.15pm A Mix and Mingle Break with light refreshments


Embodiology: Improvisation-means-performance - Dr. Sheron Wray presents a scholarly and practical workshop with visual presentation with dancers and musicians participating.

5.15 – 6.30

Freestyle JAM –Live music by JazzXchange music ensemble. This session is open to all artists who illuminate the beat of Africa’s dances: hip hop, flamenco, tango, tap, breaking and poets; all are welcome and more. Everyone is welcome to participate and or observe.

Place: PSTU 1100, 1130 and 1140 - William Gillespie Studios

Time: Noon-6.30pm

Interactive Map: http://map.uci.edu/map/?id=463#!s/key=william%20gilespie%20studios?m/83035

See www.jazzxchange.org for more updates and artists profiles.


Event Details

  • When: Saturday, April 1, 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: PSTU 1100, 1130 and 1140 - William Gillespie Studios
  • Organizer: Sheron Wray (email)
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