Music in Motion

Interactive, "Live" Video Booth on display

This installation involving music, dance, and technology features a green screen, prerecorded dance routines, and an original recording of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. The large open booth, supported by UCI’s CALIT2-incubated “hiperwall,” was set up in the Viewpoint Student Center Gallery in order to allow access for a wide cross section of the UCI community. The recorded movement sequences, along with the visual effects generated by the system, are stored and subsequently played back in a continuous dance and music montage selected from all the clips recorded in the Music in Motion booth over time, resulting in a continually growing representation of participants and their contributions to the public art project through movement. Students from all majors were able to contribute to an interactive collaborative multi-media art work and learn about site-specific, co-created public art. Faculty organizer: John Crawford, Dance.