The Emotional Terrain of Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies

Behind the Writer's Studio featuring No One Will See Me Cry author Dr. Cristina River Garza

This event was hosted by the Department of Chicano/Latino Studies. 30 undergraduate students attended the first session, where they discussed with the invited guest scholar, Dr. Cristina Rivera Garza, Associate Professor and Director of Creative Writing at the University of California, San Diego, her approach to investigating and crafting No One Will See Me Cry, which addresses the institutionalization of  prostitutes in early twentieth century Mexican society. The second session invited students to discuss primary sources in the form of photographs, medical records, and oral life history transcripts framing No One Will See Me Cry. Each session provided students (60 total) with meals in which they could discuss and elaborate on questions, insights, and evidence shared during this workshop event. The interactions, as well as great student attendance made for generative conversations with a highly regarded and prolific scholar invested in the emotional terrain of Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies. Faculty organizer: Ana Elizabeth Rosas, History and Chicano/Latino Studies.