Viet Film Festival

Collage of films at Viet Film Festival

40 students boarded the Anteater Express for a trip to the UltraLuxe Anaheim Cinemas at Garden Walk to be part of the 8th edition of Viet Film Fest.  This special screening included a lunch reception while meeting the co-directors of the festival: Ysa Le (Artistic Co-Director and Executive Director of the Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association [VAALA], the parent organization of Viet Film Fest), Tram Le (Artistic Co-Director and Associate Director for the Vietnamese American Oral History Project at UCI [VAOHP]), and Thuy Vo Dang (Executive Co-Director and Archivist for the Orange County & Southeast Asian Archive Center at UCI [OC&SEAA]).  The co-directors presented about arts organizing within the Vietnamese American and Asian American communities along with the shifting landscape of Vietnamese cinema.

Five short films were shown depicting stories about the reality of adolescents in modern day Vietnam, the Vietnamese American experience, and how a positive attitude trumps age.  Following the screenings, the students engaged in a meaningful discussion with Nancy Bui, Executive Producer of "Master Hoa's Requiem" about the aftermath of the Vietnam War and the legacy of broken families and mental illness it left behind.  They were invited by her to attend a special screening at a later date of the full-length documentary, Vietnamerica, which follows the story of several other Vietnamese refugees on their journey to rebuild their lives.  A couple students did attend the later screening, leaving with a deeper understanding of the refugee experience.  "Master Hoa's Requiem" was the winner of the Audience Choice Award for Viet Film Fest. Faculty organizer: Linda Vo and Trahm Le, Asian American Studies.