CounterBalance Theater's The Odyssey

Professor Annie Loui

CounterBalance Theater's The Odyssey, Part 3 performed May 30 - June 1st to full houses, people sitting on the floor, standing in the back and watching as the Grotowski Barn filled with live sound and movement in our physical theater rendition of Odysseus' encounters with the Cyclops, Circe (the dangerous goddess who turn men into pigs), and his descent into Hades on his way home.   Of particular interest to some of the rapt undergrads was the 1 minute suitor-slaughter, and the double headed cyclops played by two women.

Classics scholar Darby Vickers spoke after the June 1st performance, comparing this rendition to the original Homeric performances, and inviting comments from the audience in a lively talk-back with actors, audience, and director.  A senior faculty member spoke of this lively production as a perfect blending of music, dance and theater, and a doctoral student in Classics talked about the thrill of seeing the words he had been studying come to life on the stage.

View the video of The Odyssey at the link below: