Black History Month Events

Flyer for Black Urban Music Conference

In support of Black History Month, and working closely with the Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion, Illuminations co-sponsored a number of events, including a performance and lecture with Haki Madhubuti, renowned poet and scholar.   Haki Madhubuti, emerged from the Chicago Black Arts Movement, as a builder of African-centered schools, the founder of the oldest independent African American publishing company and an impactful poet.  His experience allowed him to provide a unique message to students about Black Excellence, overcoming obstacles and organizing with others to benefit community.  The film screening of the Long Road to the Hall of Fame featuring Reda Zine, Chuck D, Greg Tate and Tony King, also known as Malik Farrakhan brought together students, faculty, staff and community members who viewed the screening and engaged in dialogue with the panel about the history of hip hop, its future and how music and the arts build community.  Finally, the two-day urban music conference organized by Nicole Mitchell, professor of music and acclaimed flutist, and our new program in Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology featured discussions and performances by artists including Greg Tate’s Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, Ryat, Ras G, Ugochi and the Agindotan Family Band. It proved to be an excellent opportunity to engage in dialogue about the role of music as a platform for social commentary.  Attendance varied at the events with a total of over 200 participating throughout the week.