Remembrance of Things Past: A Proustian Extravaganza II

A Proustian Extravaganza II
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Remembrance of Things Past
A Proustian Extravaganza II
Jérémie Favreau, pianist/lecturer, and friends 
This lecture-recital offers a new perspective on Proust and music: what music-making implies in term of social and gender issues and how it relates to the creative process of Proust. Jérémie Favreau and friends will perform all the musical pieces performed in the concerts of Remembrance of Things Past.
Nena Aldaz, mezzo-soprano

Sam Chen, violin

Janet Favreau, pianist

Jérémie Favreau, pianist/lecturer

Roberto Gomez, baritone

Elva Tang,flute

Event Details

  • When: Friday, April 26, 8 p.m.
  • Where: Winifred Smith Hall
  • Organizer: Amy Bauer (email)
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