This isle is full of noises: Shakespeare and Music

This isle is full of noises: Shakespeare and Music

From his earliest forays in the theater to his late and complex dramas, Shakespeare used music to explore the nature of power, the place of beauty in society, and the challenges of the performing self. We present an evening of music from his time in order to explore the place of song in Shakespeare's art. Featuring the internationally-acclaimed Musicians in Ordinary, together with Professor Seth Lerer of UCSD, this presentation interweaves performance and discussion, word and note, to show us how to listen to the lyric voice in Shakespeare -- and in ourselves.

Seth Lerer is Distinguished Professor of Literature and former Dean of Arts and Humanities at UC-San Diego. The author of ten books, he has studied and taught medieval and Renaissance literature, children's literature, and the history of the English Language for nearly forty years. At the heart of his work is the nature of vernacular performance and the place of poetry in everyday language. His most recent book, Shakespeare's Lyric Stage, appears from the University of Chicago Press (2018).

This is the 2019 Kirk Davis Jr. Public Shakespeare Lecture.

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