Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys Revisited

Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys Revisited

Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys Revisited

"As a trailblazing rocker Vernon Reid is the ideal artist to celebrate the legacy of Jimi Hendrix on the occasion of the late guitar icon’s 75th birthday. 

As the lead guitarist and founder of Living Colour and a co-founder of the Black Rock Coalition, the London-born, Brooklyn-raised Reid stepped into the void left by Hendrix’s tragic death in 1970 at the age of 27. Drawn to jazz as a teenager, he first gained notice in the early 1980s as a member of Ornette Coleman Prime Time and drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society.

Band of Gypsies Revisited extends the music of Hendrix’s most jazz-oriented band, and Reid has assembled a prodigious quartet drawn mostly from the soul-jazz-hip-hop collective Burnt Sugar Arkestra for this one time visit to the West coast. The group includes drummer/vocalist James “Biscuit” Rouse, who spent three years as music director for Lauryn Hill, bassist/vocalist Jared Michael Nickerson, who’s toured and recorded with Charlie Musselwhite and The The and guitarist/vocalist André “Dré Glo” Lassalle, a longtime Reid collaborator whose credits include work with Miles Davis and John Scofield.“

Photo Images Clockwise : 

Vernon Reid - guitar & vocals (Living Colour ~ James Blood Ulmer ~ Yohimbe Brothers ~ Burnt Sugar Arkestra)

André 'Dré Glo’ Lassalle - guitar & vocals (Lady Miss Kier ~ Eye & I ~ Burnt Sugar Arkestra)

James ‘Biscuit’ Rouse - drums & vocals (Miss Lauryn Hill ~ Screaming Headless Torsos ~ Vivian Green)

Jared Michael Nickerson - bass & vocals (The The ~ Charlie Musselwhite ~ Burnt Sugar Arkestra ~ Yohimbe Brothers)

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