Shaken Shakespeare

Shaken Shakespeare

“In the Margins Theatre”


Jane Page, Head of Directing

UCI Drama -- CTSA

“Have you been Shakespeare’d, yet?” 

Shakespeare is about everyone, and for everyone!

 WHAT:  Building on the spirit of the “flash-mob surprise” and the 2012 “Pop-up Shakespeare” project in London, SHAKEN SHAKESPEARE is an interactive mini-Shakespeare experience for students, faculty and staff across the UCI campus.

Participants of  “Bill’s Crew” will intercept people across campus with “mini-performances” of selections from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.

The interaction might begin thus:  the conversation between the performer and the unsuspecting “audience” starts like any normal conversation.  After the conversation starts, the actor moves into Shakespeare. At the end of the Shakespeare snippet the actor hands the unwitting scene partner (aka “audience”) card:  “Congratulations!  You’ve been Shakespeare’d!”  There are also “flash mob” performances sprinkled through the project.

WHEN:  The project will be provided throughout Spring Quarter 2017.

WHERE:   On the UCI campus, throughout the campus!

View who's been Shakespeare'd through the following link:

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Event Details

  • When: Spring 2017
  • Where: On the UCI campus, throughout the campus!
  • Organizer: Jane Page (email)