Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber - A Halloween Dance Party

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber -- A Halloween Dance Party

Founded by Village Voice icon Greg "Ionman" Tate and co-led with Dayton Ohio groove bassist Jared Michael Nickerson since 1999, Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber aka The Burnt Sugar Arkestra is a sprawling band of musicians whose prodigious personnel allows to freely juggle a wide swath of the experimental soul-jazz-hip hop spectrum. 

As Tate likes to say "The Burnt Sugar Arkestra is also a territory band, a neo-tribal thang, a community hang, a society music guild aspiring to the condition of all that is molten, glacial, racial, spacial, oceanic, mythic, antiphonal and telepathic."

This very accomplished crew has playing credits that range from Cecil Taylor, Toshi Reagon, Charlie Musselwhite, DJ Logic, John Paul Bourelly, Gary Lucas, TV On The Radio, Tamar Kali, Phish, James Blood Ulmer, William Parker, Mark Ribot, Lizz Wright, The Holmes Brothers, Lady Kier, Vernon Reid, Thurston Moore, Wadada Leo Smith, David Murray, Arto Lindsey, Joseph Bowie, The Roots and Marc Ribot.

With an alumni that includes Matana Roberts, Vijay Iyer, Julia Kent, Graham Hayes, DJ Mutamassik, Okkyung Lee and Qasim Naqvi, Burnt Sugar's prestigious personnel have released eighteen recordings on their labels Tru Groidd & Avant Groidd Musica defining the art of creating scripted-sounding improvisational acid-funk/rock & jazz with the use of Butch Morris’s “Conduction" System for Orchestral Improvisation in order to as Tate also says “keep it real, surreal, arboreal, aquatic, incendiary.”

- If There’s a Hell Below … We’re All Going To Go :?https://soundcloud.com/burnt-sugar-arkestra/if-theres-a-hell-below

- Pop Rally Presents: NeoHooDoo & BSA :?https://youtu.be/ImMUqYbYOJI?list=PL11AF2F6EC3687227

Robert Christgau says “Its electric Miles with soul, Maggot Brain with a PHD, the Hendrix Evans band of dreams, the underwater funk some hear in A.R.Kane.”

The latest jam ...

All You Zombies Dig The Luminosity


The Bent Arc feat JS Willams The Charmer feat GT Stop Trippin' feat JDX&Rene Akan Ride Ride Ride {Everybody Get Gentrified } feat Abby Dobson  Yung Blk &Vague feat Abby Dobson Black Fros Black Gold feat. Julie Brown VaguelyTyrique feat Ben Tyree My Black Uncertainty feat Christina Wheeler Throw Some Light feat. Julie Brown Ride Ride Reprise Ziploc Latex feat. Shelley Nicole & Mikel Banks And Chaos Died feat JS Williams + Steve Bernstein Quoth The Raven feat Mikel Banks All You Zombies/Grizzle Damus Are U Insane? feat Micah Gaugh There is a G feat. Dean Bowman + Julie Brown Are U Insane? feat JimmyLee + Mikel Banks + Christina Wheeler

VOICES Mikel Banks - Dean Bowman - Julie Brown - Abby Dobson - Shelley Nicole - Greg Tate - Christina Wheeler - Justice Dilla-X BASS Jared Michael Nickerson - Jason DiMatteo GUITARS Rene Akan - Andre Lassalle - Jimmy Lee -  Thom Loubet - Greg Tate - Ben Tyree KEYS Leon Gruenbaum TRUMPET J.S. Williams - Steve Bernstein BARI SAXOPHONE/EWI ‘Moist’ Paula Henderson ALTO SAXOPHONE Avram Fefer VIOLIN Mazz Swift DRUMS Meret Koehler BEATS&LOOPS Greg Tate Produced and Engineered by Luqman Brown@Buddhabug Studios, Harlem USA, 2016-2017 Executive Producers:  Greg Tate for Avant Groid Music + Jared Michael Nickerson for Burnt Sugar Index LLC

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